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Raise Your Glass To Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery!

New local distillery, nestled right in the heart of the Adirondacks set to open its doors in early fall!
Relax at a quaint, farm-like setting tucked away right in your own town, take in breath-taking views of French Mountain, and enjoy sipping on a nice glass of aged whiskey on the rocks at Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery. 

This may sound like an experience too good to be true, but starting in the early fall, this will be a reality thanks to Dave Bannon, Mike Forcier, Ken Rohne, and Tony DeSantis, owners of Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery. 

The Farm Distillery has been in the works for the past year and a half, and is making great progress as many enthusiastically await its opening! 


The distillery is in an agrarian setting, housed in a large, newly renovated wooden barn, on 200 sprawling acres. "The kids moved out, we had this big barn, and we wanted to do something fun here," says owner Dave Bannon in regards to what gave him and his business partners the idea to start up such a business. 

The distillery, located on Clements Road in Queensbury, overlooks rolling green pastures and has picturesque views of French Mountain. When asked, what it is about this distillery that will make it unique in comparison to the other various ones that have suddenly popped up in the region, Bannon answers it in one word, "location." He feels that the beautiful location is really going to set apart their business from others and make it a stand out feature to customers. 


Fun Fact: though it is getting hard to keep count, there is about 30-45 micro-distilleries that currently exist in New York (most of which are less than 5 years old!).

Those coming to do a tasting or tour will have not only the opportunity to take in beautiful views while enjoying some one-of-a-kind craft cocktails, but can also take a nature walk to the spring behind the farm and see some of the history that still remains. 

The spring is not only essential to the layout of the land that makes the distillery so efficient (having an easily accessible water source is a valuable asset to a distillery business because all processes involve water), but the spring is also a part of the history that exists there. In the spring they have found old, wooden, hollowed out pipes that once distributed the water to the town and the other various surrounding farms.


Fun fact: unlike water used from other sources, this water is clean, clear and unprocessed when it is used in production!

Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery will offer an exquisite array of spirits that will surely make your taste buds dance. Their products will include vodkas, gins, white whiskey (moonshine), aged whiskey in oak barrels, malted and smoked whiskey, bourbon and rum, as well as a unique Irish Moonshine that Bannon seemed most excited about called "poitin."


Fun fact: they use juniper berries from Sugarloaf Mountain as one of the key ingredients in their hand-crafted gin! 

Bannon finds it important to support local businesses, and start-ups, and prides himself and his business partners' new business venture on how it will be beneficial to the local community. This unique new addition to the area will support the agriculture business, as well as create jobs in the community (who wouldn't want to work here?!). 

It may come as a surprise that the booze business supports agribusiness. No, it's not because they produce whiskey for farmers to drink after a long day in the fields, but because excess grains, corn, and fruit, that frequently goes to waste can be used in the production of a variety of craft spirits. By farmers supplying these distilleries with ingredients to produce their craft spirits, the revenue of farmers rises, and ingredients become more and more locally sourced, which eventually helps spread the wealth right here in our own state. 


Fun Fact: under the law with a NYS Class D Distilling permit, farm distilleries can make up to 35,000 proof-gallons of liquor per year, give tours and are allowed to operate tasting rooms.

Perhaps you've noticed New York seems to be quite thirsty these days. Thanks to New York state launching an inexpensive, and easily attainable license to start up a farm distillery in 2002, distilleries like Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery have been popping up all over the map of New York. From 2002 to 2007 distillery laws have received even more slack, and it is evident many distillery hopefuls have seen the opportunity to join a rapidly growing industry and jumped at it.  There is now a large collection of craft distilleries bringing back what used to be a once thriving industry back before Prohibition. 

Fun fact: 70% of the grains used in production come from New York State - Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery aims to plant much of the grains themselves and source out local farms as their business progresses. 

The excitement and anticipation of this new local business continues to grow as the Grand Opening approaches. With locally sourced food and beverages becoming a growing trend and highly sought after all over New York, especially in the capital region, hopes for Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery are high and come opening day, glasses will surely be full!

SBHF barn view.jpg

Be sure to check our calendar for the date of the grand opening, which will be taking place towards the end of summer or early fall! 

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