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Your Brownie Recipe Could Win You $1000

Who makes the best brownies? Is it you? Be honest! If people are constantly raving about your killer brownies, there might be a $1000 American Express gift card with your name on it.

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The Double H Ranch is holding their second annual Digging Into Dessert Competition - A Brownie Bake Off (amateurs only!). Here's how it works:

  • Create your entry video -- Lights, camera (or smartphone), action! You have 2 minutes or less to make people want to taste your recipe. You are the director, so get creative! Here is a look at the entry video last year's winner submitted
  • Submit video online -- Upload your video and fill out the entry form before May 1 [deadline extended] May 20, 2014. Time is running out, so get to it! $1000 is worth the hustle.
  • Bake your heart out -- If your video is chosen among the three finalists (announced June 1st), you get to pack up all your baking supplies and head to Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury on Thursday, June 26 for a day of preparation alongside the other two finalists.
  • Attend the gala -- You and three complimentary guests get to attend the Double H Ranch Gala where attendees will taste and vote on the best dessert recipe! The gala is on Friday, June 27 at Six Flags Great Escape (yes, you get to ride the rides afterwards... and yes, you can take your kids 5+ as guests if you want).
  • Win some money -- Winner takes all. Well, all $1000, that is. 2nd place still gets a sizeable "silver nugget" sum of $500 Amex gift card, and 3rd place gets $250 to Dunkin' Donuts (sponsor).
There is ONE catch!
You didn't think it could be that easy, did you? Here's the catch: your super great, totally original and amazing brownie recipe must include a secret ingredient (just like those Food Network shows!). And the secret ingredient is........ anything from Dunkin' Donuts. Yup, you read that right! You have to use something from Dunkin' Donuts to incorporate into your recipe.

Well, time's a wastin' so if you have an amazing brownie recipe, don't keep it to yourself! It would be such a shame if everyone didn't get to taste the best brownies in the world, right? And that famous recipe (with an added secret ingredient from Dunkin') could win you $1000 and a fabulous night of fun at the gala with 3 guests. Read more about the competition and enter here when you're ready.

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