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SPoT Coffee Cafe Now Open!

The newest addition to Downtown Glens Falls' budding restaurant scene is SPoT Coffee Cafe, now open at 221 Glen Street. We happened to stop by today to try out this new breakfast and lunch spot (I guess that's where the name comes from). Check out the photos and menu below!
SPoT's Glens Falls location features a full window facade, making it a really bright, lively environment for any gathering. The interior is painted with vibrant but not overwhelming yellows, reds, and purples. Because the patrons were a mix of folks - families, students, business people - the cafe really seemed to live up to its "neighborhood cafe" slogan.

Inside SPoT Coffee, there is more seating than I originally expected to see. There's even a sort of private alcove that a few families with young children had selected, which seemed like a good idea with the bustle of business folks arriving for their lunch breaks.

The menu is well rounded, featuring breakfast sandwiches, Belgian waffles, lunch sandwiches, wraps, and salads, and gourmet pizzas. For drinks, you can get anything from coffee drinks to smoothies, and teas. There's milkshake style drinks, protein shakes, and even a slushy for those hot summer months.

Though it was only their 2nd day open, the staff seemed to have the system down pat. I gave my name and my order (BLT on and everything bagel) was ready in just a few minutes. Since there's not many components to a BLT, you really have to do it right. The bacon was crispy, the bagel was toasted and crunchy, and the veggies were fresh. It really was the perfect BLT, and I can't wait to try out their more complex menu items.

While the new cafe is a franchise of the original Canadian SPoT, each cafe is designed to fit the community in which it is built. If you want proof, you can visit their location in Saratoga Springs and see how different it is from the Glens Falls location.

While downtown Glens Falls continues to grow and flourish, we'll be trying out each new business along with our tried-and-true favorites. 

What did you think of SPoT Coffee Cafe? Comment below to let us know!

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