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5 Ways To Celebrate The Snow Instead Of Griping About It

Yesterday, it was a beautiful day in Glens Falls. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, and it really felt like spring was finally coming. Now, it's a whiteout with slushy snow falling and an estimated 10 or more inches coming. We did our share of griping and groaning, and now we're ready to find 5 ways to celebrate the snow - or at least be distracted from it - rather than complain about it. Who's with us?
1. Take The Snow Train


A peaceful ride to North Creek on the Saratoga & North Creek Railway may just be the thing to cure those post-snowstorm blues. Enjoy beautiful views of the freshly snow covered landscape, then enjoy winter activities in North Creek!

2. Go Skiing One Last Time

Don't put those skis away yet! This new snow makes it the perfect chance to get a ski trip in this winter. See nearby skiing destinations in our winter guide.

3. Eat A Hearty Meal

Since it doesn't seem like you'll be putting on those revealing summer clothes anytime soon, take this opportunity to have a rich, hearty, winter meal. Enjoy a big juicy burger and fries, or any of your favorite winter warm-up meals at a local restaurant.

4. See A Movie

Now that the Oscars have happened, you can see the films you missed and the latest releases in theaters. See the Top 10 Movies in theaters now, then head to your favorite theater to distract yourself from the snow, or rent a movie and curl up under a soft blanket.

5. Prepare For Brewfest

Sometimes, all that takes the bite out of another snowstorm in a long winter is a nice craft beer. With Glens Falls Brewfest coming up in just a few weeks, this is the perfect opportunity to start sampling your favorite brews, like Davidson Brothers signature beers. While you're at it, enter to win tickets to Brewfest!

Have a good idea on how to celebrate the snow? Comment below! 

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