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Crandall Park Named Best Place to Skate in the Adirondacks

Crandall Park is a peaceful, charming, and inviting place for so many reasons. As the seasons change, so do the reasons to visit the local park; there is always fun to be had whether it is in lush grasses or a snowy field. Of course we love this recreational hub because it is part of our home and close to our hearts, but we never thought this love would spread to people all over New York State! We were ecstatic to hear that Crandall Park was named the "Best Place to Skate in the Adirondacks" by New York States of Mind.
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New York States of Mind is an online publication that writes pieces boasting why New York State is simply the best. From food reviews to NY's "best kept secrets" this site churns out some really captivating material that truly searches for what defines our state. New York is home to over 20 million people, so you can imagine how excited we were that Crandall Park caught NYSM's attention! 

The February issue was "New York Cozy State of Mind", so naturally ice skating made the list. The articles says of Crandall, "Right along the Hudson River is a nook in the Adirondacks called Crandall Park (also the site of the Adirondack Balloon Festival in the late summertime). Bring your own skates to this locals' favorite pond and cozy under the warming hut in between laps."

This article further proved why Glens Falls is a great place to call home. We are lucky enough to have such beautiful little spots, like Crandall Park, to help us create memories that will last forever. What are your favorite things about Crandall Park? Comment below to tell us. Who knows, maybe it will be the spark for another article about our very own Glens Falls!

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