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5 Area Competitions We Love to Enjoy


Competition is the spirit of the Northeast, and as the Winter Olympics continue, we couldn't help but think of all the great local competitions we enjoy all year long. We are home to some great sporting events and competitions, but some of our favorites are the very unusual, unconventional competitions this area has to offer. Here is a list of 5 fun and quirky area competitions throughout the year we love to enjoy.


Icicle Contest - The Saranac Winter Carnival is home to one of the deadliest activities in the region....icicle contests. Think you've got a big one? Check out the Woltner Summit Spike of Ice Icicle Contest (say that 5 times fast) during The Saranac Winter Carnival and you could be the winner!

Million Dollar Duck Race - You may not be able to afford a horse to race at Saratoga Race Course this season, but you can buy another animal, for much less, that will put you in the running to win some big bucks! Every summer at Haviland's Cove in Glens Falls, one lucky winner will take home the grand prize of one million dollars as the toy duckies float to the finish line.

Saratoga Hat Contest - What better way to signal the start of the summer meets at Saratoga Race Course than with a hat contest? In keeping with the Victorian roots, contestants can design custom hats to compete in three categories, with prizes awarded to the top three. Past efforts have included a battery operated horse race atop a hat. Can you beat that?

Santa Speedo Sprint - Early Decembers in Albany turn a flash of red on Lark Street when hundreds of participants strip down to just a red speedo and Santa hat to raise money for the Albany Damien Center. This .8K race attracts thousands of locals each year for this "surprisingly socially acceptable activity."

Pond Hockey Competitions - We take our pond hockey seriously here - or at least in Inlet, New York, they do. The two-day Adirondack Ice Bowl pond hockey tournament is a local favorite in late January, with live music, food and "good ole family fun!" There are several other pond hockey tournaments that happen each winter in the Adirondacks, including during Winterfest in Saratoga.

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