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Welcome to the Future: Robotic Surgery In Glens Falls

You know that irrational fear people seem to have about robots taking over the world? Well, it's happening. Okay, they aren't "taking over the world" per say, but technology is slowly seeping into more and more parts of our daily lives. Some people argue that our increased dependence on technology is a bad thing; we are becoming less effective when communicating face-to-face and it enables us to trust in computers to solve our problems instead of using our good ol' fashioned brains.

However, the other half of this argument has some valid points itself: we can now do things that used to be literally impossible and can easily share these feats with the world! An example of this that hits close to home is the introduction of robotic/single site surgeries at Glens Falls Hopsital.

Eileen E. Joyce M.D., FACOG, of Glens Falls OB/GYN  Center, P.C., performed the first single-site hysterectomy a Glens Falls Hospital ast week. She is the second surgeon in the region and one of a select group in the nation to successfully administer this alternate approach to surgery. Single site surgeries offer a technologically advanced option that is proving to be a step in the right direction. These surgeries leave patients with minimal pain, a short hospital stay, less blood loss, almost no scarring, and a faster recovery time.

In a recent Glens Falls Hospital press release, pioneer surgeon, Dr. Joyce says that "Single-site surgeries mean less scarring and time to heal for patients...surgeons also benefit--vision, precision, and dexterity are all enhanced when compared with traditional surgical procedures.The fact that these innovative procedures are now available at Glens Falls Hospital is great news for our patients, and I'm thrilled to be a part of this exciting time for our community."

Not only do these surgeries give patients a comfortable and safe avenue for a successful recovery, but the surgeons themselves benefit from the accuracy and precision these techniques provide.

In the next few months, Glens Falls Hospital will be having several surgeons implement single site surgeries. These surgeries can be administered to patients undergoing gynecological, vascular, urological, and other general procedures. Because of the small incisions that are made and the minimal invasive qualities of the operations, patients can return to their normal lives more quickly and with fewer risks of complications.

Glens Falls Hospital provides inpatient as well as outpatient services that allow those recovering from surgeries to have continuous care. This medical center is constantly improving and bringing our community cutting-edge technologies to ensure we are receiving the best care possible. As robotic and single site surgeries are introduced, we can be sure that new technologies on the rise will continue to be integrated into the Glens Falls Hospital's protocol. 

So the question is-what side are you on? Is technology bad or good? Does it scare you or support you? Will it help us or hold us back? With the adoption of robotic and single site surgeries, we find it hard to see the "evil" in what technology is doing for us. The use of this ground breaking procedure is leaving those in need with less pain and a quicker recovery, seemingly making surgery "not as big of a deal" as it used to be. We hope that our local institutions will continue to embrace technological advances and make all of our lives a little bit easier. Robots aren't so bad after all. If we can't beat them we might as well join them in taking over the world.

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