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Open Door Mission Prepares For Code Blue

Open Door Mission has partnered with the Red Cross to start a "Code Blue" emergency cold weather housing shelter in Glens Falls.

The Open Door Christian ministry will be housing the homeless on nights that are forecast to go below 10 degrees or receive a foot of snow. 
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Because of the record-low temperatures (thanks Polar Vortex), The Open Door has seen more and more people who don't have enough protection from the cold to even come out for the hot meals Open Door is known for. The "Code Blue" system Open Door recently started in Glens Falls aims to fix that problem. 

"When the temperature goes to 10 degrees or less or when there's 12" of snow forecast we provide shelter to anyone in need," says Open Door of the "Code Blue" system.

In addition to providing 10 nutritious meals a week, a Backpack program to feed children on the weekends, and other completely volunteer-fueled programs and meals a month, Open Door now is asking for community donations to help this cold winter. 

What You Can Donate:
Warm gloves
Used boots (in good condition)
Bus tokens 
Any of your time this winter to help with meals

Please share this with everyone you know to raise awareness of the specific needs of all those in our community who are homeless and how everyone can help them out this cold winter with Open Door.


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