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Top 3 Things That Happened in Glens Falls in 2013

What were your favorite Glens Falls Region moments from 2013? We've rounded up a few of our Top 3 things that happened in Hometown this year. Check them out!
3. Queensbury High School Spartans Won State Titles

The Queensbury Spartans high school sports teams won statewide acclaim in the fall of 2013. The football team won the Class A state football title while the girls cross-country team won the Class B state title. The football championship is the district's first ever, and the girls cross-country win is the first in nearly 10 years. We all celebrated the win with a big parade!

2. The Hyde Collection Celebrated 50 Years

The Hyde collection was installed at the Hyde House in 1912 which then became a public museum over 50 years later in 1963. Since then, the Hyde Collection has brought the Glens Falls region exhibitions, events, and programs along with 3,300 works of fine art. In 2013, the Hyde Collection celebrated by hosting an anniversary exhibit titled 50 at 50: Five Decades of Collecting and the Hyde. Later in 2013, the exhibit Modern Nature: George O'Keefe and Lake George gained the museum national attention.

1. Phish Returned To Hometown

Any true Phish fan knows that the band recorded a legendary album at the Glens Falls Civic Center almost 20 years ago on Halloween of 1994. After nineteen years of absence, Phish returned to the Glens Falls Civic Center in October of 2013 and everybody went crazy. The show sold out as Phish fans flooded to the area to see the band play at the historic location for the first time in almost two decades. 

Help us build this into a Top 5 - or even Top 10 list! Comment with your favorite Glens Falls Region moment of 2013! 

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