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Meet Lori from Granville- Winner of National Paraprofessional Award

lori.jpgTaking care of others for a living is not for the faint of heart; it is a job where one must dedicate themselves entirely, focusing all of their energy on nurturing their patients. In order to have this type of career, a person must be determined, sensitive, altruistic, dedicated-all characteristics that are embodied by Lori Gregory, this year's winner of the National Paraprofessional Award.
Lori Gregory, a resident of Granville, NY is a local superhero. Being a mother of six and grandmother of twelve, she certainly has experience in taking care of loved ones. Transferring that knowledge to her career as a home aide has proven to be a success; Lori was chosen out of more than two hundred other nominees to be the recipient of the National Paraprofessional Award.

This honor is awarded to an individual who exemplifies the qualities defined by the national search committee including the criteria of "being honorable, possessing experience, ability, reliability, and training." A paraprofessional works in a client's home, giving them independent living support and personal care. Interim Healthcare, Lori's employer, has presented this award annually for fourteen years, and this is the first year someone from the Glens Falls team has been a recipient. From what we hear about Lori, it is hard to see anyone more deserving.

Lori is known by her peers as someone who goes the extra mile to give her clients exceptional care. Working with Interim Healthcare since June of 2012, Lori has never missed a day of work only further proving her extreme dedication. She is also an intuitive care giver and once was able to detect an illness in one of her clients simply by their minor behavioral changes. Once Lori notified the team, the client was found to be developing pneumonia. Because of Lori's sensitivity and skill, the team was able to prevent hospitalization.

The job of a paraprofessional takes a special type of person; someone who is willing to dedicate every day to improving the quality of another human being's life. We all hope that as our loved ones age, they will be healthy, happy, and at home. Nothing is more important than family, and those who commit to making our family members a priority should be commended. 

Just like Lori helps her neighbors or takes care of her grandmother, she gives the same attention and love to the individuals she works with. Congratulations, Lori, on your hard work at Interim Healthcare and your new title of National Paraprofessional of the Year. Thank you for taking care of our mothers, our fathers, our grandparents, and our community.

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