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Dine, Draw, and Display

Many of us have an inner artist waiting to break free; we secretly sing in the shower, doodle on important papers, or jot down ideas for short stories. Unleashing your inner Pablo Picasso is not only fun, it is imperative to keep yourself healthy and happy! The Hyde Museum encourages us to bring out our inner artist with their new project, "Draw On With The Hyde"a community collaboration that hopes to exhibit the art of locals, ages 1 to 100! 

image005.jpgThe Hyde Museum is partnering with Glens Falls area restaurants in an effort to collect drawings from the restaurants' patrons. From now until December 29th you can visit the following restaurants to channel your creative side:
People of all ages are invited to join the collaboration, and the directions are simple: draw a picture of whatever you wish, write your name/age/email on the back of it, and bring it to the Hyde! 

The Hyde will hang your masterpiece in their Art Studio, and you will automatically be entered to win a prize! This is in conjunction with The Hyde's current 2013 Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region exhibit (running now through December 29, 2013), which highlights the finest work by contemporary artists currently working in the Upper Hudson Valley and Adirondack regions.

Making creativity a part of your daily routine is proven to reduce stress as well as enhance mood and can also serve as a way to quiet your mind. The positive impacts art can have on your life are endless, and starting your journey now is as easy as going out to eat! Pairing food and art together always turns out to be a fulfilling combination, and we thought the idea of "Draw On" was an awesome way to do so!

Bringing our community together to create a diverse and collective exhibit is so innovative, we decided to contact Director of Marketing, Alice Grether, for the inside scoop behind the project. Grether credits the "Draw On" Community Exhibit to Museum Educator, Evi Fisher.

So the question is- Why? What is the number one reason for creating "Draw On"? 
Grether said, "The goal is to get anyone and everyone to make art. You don't have to be an 'artist'. Just have fun and create something."

Getting "everyone to make art" seems like it could take more than just one effort; we asked if "Draw On" would be a recurring exhibit giving it the potential to grow every year.
Grether told us, "We would like to make this an annual event but will make that decision dependent upon the outcome of this first initiative." Making this collaboration an annual event could be a great addition to Glens Falls' annual calendar. Something like "Draw On" is an idea that has so much potential to flourish and expand overtime, making the creative culture an increasingly important part of our community.

Finally, we wanted to know if all the buzz was true and if it really is vital to incorporate art into one's everyday life. Grether's response summed it all up: "Art is all around us and is already incorporated into your life-whether you realize it or not. But to be aware of the elements of art (color, shape, scale, perspective, etc.) is something that, as an art museum, we certainly encourage." 

So, that's all there is to it! Sit, munch, and create art at your favorite Downtown Glens Falls restaurant! You can soon add "Featured Artist at the Hyde Museum" to your resume as well as perhaps find a new hobby. Join the Hyde Museum and participating restaurants in their quest to collect art from a diverse group of people in the Downtown region.

An innovative event like "Draw On" doesn't happen often, so make sure you participate in this collective art exhibit while you can! Take pride in your community, and show off your skill alongside other area artists.

If you have a restaurant or a place of business and would like to participate, please contact Museum educator Evi Fisher at 518-792-1761, ext. 340.

Get your pencils ready; we hope to see your art at the upcoming exhibit! To stay updated on local happenings and community events, check out the Glens Falls Region Blog!

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