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10 Questions with Executive Director Christine Dixon of Wiawaka Holiday House

Remember summer camp? Well, Wiawaka Holiday House Inc., on the shore of stunning Lake George NY takes women back to a simpler time where there were no televisions or phones in your room (no, seriously...no TV's), less chaos, and more time to realize an incredible Adirondack Mountains view, canoeing, and the invigorating feeling of swimming in the cool water of Lake George!
Wiawaka brings women into the quiet of the great outdoors for the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate, no matter their financial circumstances!


I sat down with Wiawaka Holiday House Executive Director, Christine Dixon, who describes more about the programs and opportunities for women at Wiawaka.     

1.  Does Wiawaka Holiday House have a motto that it lives by?

Wiawaka's mission is enrichment and revitalization for all women at a historic lakefront setting. We believe every woman has the right to experience renewal.

2.  What does an overnight (or two) at Wiawaka consist of?

An overnight visit at Wiawaka includes meals, full use of the grounds and any workshops scheduled during your stay. Some workshops have a presenter or materials fee which is an additional charge. Guests can participate in as much or as little as they like. 


3.  Can you give us some examples of the classes, workshops, or programs that are offered to women who retreat to the Wiawaka Holiday House?

Workshops tend to focus on self-expression, health and wellness, and life skills. You'll find everything from yoga and Pilates, to writing and art classes, to historical lectures and musical performances. This summer we'll have stand up paddling from LG Kayak, Carl Heilman, and two book signings to name a few.

4.  Would you describe Wiawaka Holiday House as a summer camp for women? 

I'd describe Wiawaka as a cross between a girl scout camp and a Victorian bed and breakfast.

5.  How can women take advantage of your programs if they are financially unable?

Wiawaka offers financial assistance to any woman with little to no income. Contact me or the registrar and we'll send you the simple, confidential request form. We stand behind our belief that every woman has a right to renewal and help as many women as we possibly can. 
We depend on donations from individuals and organization through the Fuller Respite Program to subsidize a woman's visit. Wiawaka is a 501C3 not for profit organization and donations are fully deductible as allowed by law.

6.  What does a season pass to the Wiawaka grounds include, and what doesn't it include?

A season pass entitles a woman to unlimited day visits and includes full use of the grounds and attendance at open workshops. Meals or workshop fees are not included and cost extra.

7.  Tell us about the Arts & Reintegration Retreat you have scheduled in August?

This summer is the fifth season I will partner with Creative Healing Connections to provide the Arts & Reintegration Retreat for women veterans. Women veterans will come from all over the country to participate in storytelling, songwriting, dream work, yoga and meditation to heal from the trauma many female veterans experience from serving in the military.
This program is funded through grants and donations so the women veterans don't have to pay to attend. Without these funding sources, this programming would not be possible.

8.  Do you accommodate events or parties at your grounds for people looking for a beautiful Lake George backdrop?

Yes, during our pre and post season weeks in June and September, Wiawaka is available for special events like weddings, corporate retreats, reunions, etc. It's a stunning piece of property and a unique space for special events.

9.  Do you have any fundraising events coming up to support the Wiawaka Holiday House?

This summer, on June 29th, we're holding the Wakonda Lodge Gala at Wiawaka to celebrate the restoration of Wakonda Lodge. Tickets and event details will be on our website at wiawaka.org.

Also throughout this summer, we're hosting a series of musical performances on most Thursday nights which will raise funds for a much needed facility improvement at the historic House of Trix. 

10.  How can someone volunteer at Wiawaka House?  

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me at director@wiawaka.org. Volunteer opportunities are listed on our website: www.wiawaka.org.

Do you know any women who could benefit from the programs and peaceful rejuvenation offered at Wiawaka Holiday House in Lake George NY?  

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