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Magic in Glens Falls: 10 Questions with Magician Steven Brundage

Just last week I found out that one of my fellow co-workers, Steven Brundage, is a magician and will be performing at one of the 'Take A Bite!' weekly events. I caught up with him last week to ask him a few questions about his magic skills and how he got started. He was filled with energy and excitement to be performing his magic tricks for the public in Glens Falls while people enjoy beautiful downtown and try food from different vendors. 
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  1. How long have you been a magician?
    It all started, at the age of 13, when I stumbled across a magic book. I carried that book everywhere and read it nonstop. Ever since reading that book eight years ago, I have been developing and perfecting the skills that I will be putting on display at 'Take A Bite!' in Glens Falls.

  2. What is your favorite trick to do?
    I have always wanted to try to saw my little brother in half, but he won't let me get close to him. So I think my favorite trick would have to be changing 1 dollar bill into 100 dollar bills. It has been very useful as a college student.

  3. Who is your favorite magician?
    There are many great magicians who inspire me but my favorite magic act would have to be Penn and Teller. They got their start doing street magic at festivals just like 'Take A Bite!' in Glens Falls.

  4. What is the most challenging trick you have ever done?
    Each different magic effect has its own challenges. One of my most memorable moments was when I was at college. I was in the student center and had 30-40 people surrounding me. I had someone select any card and then took that card and ripped a corner off. I took the corner pieces and rubbed it in my hands until the piece just disappeared. I asked the volunteer to check their pockets and a corner piece of a card was in their pocket and it matched to the torn card. The room exploded, some people ran around screaming, others stood there in shock and silence.

  5. When will you be performing at 'Take A Bite!' in Glens Falls?
    I will be performing for the entirety of the event. Come out and see me every Wednesday, starting July 18th through August 29th.

  6. When did you try your first magic trick in front of strangers?
    When I was a kid I used to perform lots of tricks for my family, but they didn't take magic seriously until I was 17 years old. During my first year in college is when I really started to delve into magic and also started to perform for complete strangers. I would walk around campus for hours performing for students. I created a reputation for myself around campus and would get routinely stopped by people and ask to show them some magic.

  7.  What attracted you to this type of entertainment?
    I love seeing the look of astonishment on people's faces when i perform magic right in front of their faces. It's also a great way to meet new people.

  8. How many tricks do you know?
    The amount of magic effects that a person's knows is limited only by their imagination. Let's just say, I know well over 100 tricks. I have performed magic with cards, ropes, rubber bands, coins, bills and every day normal objects.

  9. What are some new tricks you are practicing?
    I am currently working on a magic effect that involves one girl, two cups and some water. I also have an amazing trick that uses a Rubik's Cube and a blind fold.

  10. What is the greatest trick ever successfully completed?
    The greatest magic effect that magician can do is a trick that makes you feel like you have witnessed the impossible. Come to 'Take A Bite!' to enjoy great food, listen to live entertainment and witness the impossible.

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