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Frank Palangi: A New Sound At 'Take A Bite'


Tired of the same old hits being played on the radio? Looking for something new to tickle your ear buds? Look no further than Take a Bite, a weekly event in Downtown Glens Falls where you can see Frank Palangi, a solo artist bringing a brand new sound to the region.

Palangi is known for his creative sonic blend of rock music and thought provoking lyrics, while at the same time providing great melodies and arrangements for a modern audience.

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The budding star has already worked with famous record producers in Nashville. Palangi made his debut in 2011 with grammy nominated Day of Fire doing his backup. He has opened for a number of artists and works towards his dream of becoming a star everyday.

"If you want to play music and live your dreams, it must be a passion, a drive and a will. Practice and focus is a big key to getting better. I have no plan B on backing down on my dreams," says Palangi.

With this unapologetic attitude, Palangi will be performing each Wednesday this summer at Take a Bite. This celebration of downtown Glens Falls offers special deals, delicious tapas, and many talented performers.

So what are you waiting for? Make plans to go to Take A Bite and check out this aspiring star.

Do you already love Palangi? What are you most looking forward to at Take a Bite?

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