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Since fall 2016, many of the buildings projects in the Glens Falls Region have centered around Exit 18, such as the Holiday Inn and Suites near McDonald's and the trampoline park. However, Exit 19 may see some big changes in the future as well. Developer Bhavik Jariwala has recently proposed building a 70-foot tall hotel in Queensbury.

What are you in the mood for this weekend? A professional hockey game? A ghost tour of a historic building? A wine tasting? You can enjoy all three of those things and more this weekend in the Glens Falls Region!

Historic Strand Theatre, photo provided by the Hudson River Music Hall
At the start of 2016, Davidson Brothers implemented a no-tipping policy at their restaurant to help manage the minimum wage increase in New York State. Although the policy has remained in place for a little over a year, the brewpub has decided to end it in response to customer discomfort.


The plan for Glens Falls Downton Revitalization Initiative (DRI) state grant will be presented at a town hall-style public forum on Feb 23, 2017 at 6:30 pm at Heritage Hall at the Glens Falls Civic Center. The committee will then submit the plans to the state on February 28.

The $10 million DRI grant is intended to further develop the Arts, Wellness, and Entertainment district in the walkable areas of downtown, especially along South and Elm Streets. South Street was identified overwhelmingly as a priority for the community during the public portion of planning, and it shows in the initiatives the planning committee has put forth for review.

South Street_Sandy's Clam Bar_max w 425.jpg

Do you have an extra day off this weekend because of President's Day? Make the most of it! There are tons of ways to have fun this long weekend, whether you prefer to be outside or inside.

Photo provided by West Mountain
You may have noticed that fitness and health are a growing focus among community members and businesses in the Glens Falls Region. 

From investment in the hospital and new doctor offices to health-focused restaurants and fitness centers in the Arts, Wellness, and Entertainment district, downtown Glens Falls and the greater Glens Falls Region have become something of a health and fitness hotspot! Of course, none of this growth would be possible without the years of foundational work done by businesses and restaurants like Rock Hill Bakehouse, who provided healthy, wholesome food long before doing so was "on trend". 

So what healthy lifestyle businesses have been popping up in and around Glens Falls over the past few years?


There's lots of pre-Valentine's Day fun going on this weekend in the Glens Falls Region and up in Lake George! Find out what's happening around here and what events are worth the drive.

Head north for the annual Purple Ribbon Cancer Ride this weekend

The East Syracuse-based convenience store and gas station company, Fastrac, has proposed opening two new stores in Queensbury at 773 Quaker Road and 216 Corinth Road. The Quaker Road store would be built on the 7-acre lot currently occupied by Binley Florist.

Fastrac plans to operate both stores 24/7 and offers freshly prepared food in their cafes. Menu items include made-to-order pizza, sandwiches, and breakfast. Customers can also order food online and at drive-throughs.


From bull riding to steer wrestling, there are many thrilling rodeo events most of us wouldn't dream of attempting. However, for Warrensburg native Olin Ellsworth, these kinds of competitions have become second nature. In fact, this past January, Ellsworth won the title of 2016 Steer Wrestling Champion for a major rodeo circuit.

Warren Street, home to both the Hyde Museum and World Awareness Children's Museum, is a prime opportunity for further development and revitalization in downtown Glens Falls. 

The community has long wanted to encourage more foot traffic between the museums on Warren and the restaurants and entertainment along Glen Street. Local officials and cultural leaders in the community think that an effort to revitalize and redevelop other properties along Warren Street would help to dramatically expand the walkable areas of downtown Glens Falls. 


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