What's New In Glens Falls
The Glens Falls Civic Center is excited to announce their new hockey team for the 2015-2016 season: The Adirondack Thunder! The ECHL affiliate of the Calgary Flames proudly announced their new name, logo and color scheme this week. Check out the new logo below!


A young princess, a jealous witch, a curse, a pricked finger, a hundred-year sleep, a handsome prince, a magical kiss, and happily ever after - most of us know the story of Sleeping Beauty, but in March, Adirondack Ballet Theater will be bringing the fairy tale to life.

In second grade, we had a local history unit and learned about the founding of Glens Falls. In case you didn't know, the city was originally named Wing's Falls after founder Abraham Wing, but was re-named for Colonel Johannes Glen about 20 years later. There are many different local legends that detail why the name was changed, but way back in second grade, I learned that it was because Colonel Glen was a particularly good poker player and defeated Wing. Even though he lost, the Downtown Glens Falls Business Collaborative will be resurrecting Abraham Wing's spirit in May for the inaugural Glens Falls Wing Fest!

If you haven't been to an Adirondack Flames game yet this season, NOW is the time to head to the rink! After just one hockey season at the Glens Falls Civic Center, the Adirondack Flames are packing their bags and heading west to California this September. 

The Adirondack Flames have recently announced their new mascot - and fans sure are happy about it! 'Dash' The Dalmatian debuted after the Flames' game last Wednesday during their 3-2 overtime win against Toronto. 

Photo Credit: Andy Camp and the Adirondack Flames
For the last 3 months, the Adirondack Flames have been entertaining us with great hockey, but one thing has been missing: a mascot! Scorch was snuffed out in early October and since then the Flames have posted a winning record, but have done so without a costumed character cheering them on. With just four months left in the season, we decided to poll our Facebook Fans to get their thoughts on what the new mascot should be. The results are in and we received some very intriguing suggestions!

As you've probably noticed, Downtown Glens Falls is looking especially merry and bright this holiday season. Gone are the old, worn out decorations and in their place is a swarm of wreaths, boughs, and lights that has transformed the city into a picturesque winter scene. A team of elves from the Downtown Glens Falls Business Improvement District (BID) has worked tirelessly in conjunction with the city to perform this Christmas miracle made even more captivating by the recent snowfall.

Photo Credit: www.mclaughlinphoto.com
From a financial standpoint, the holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. There seems to be a never-ending list of gifts to buy, people you forgot you needed to buy for, and countless holiday parties that require you to look your best...not to mention the cost of holiday food items, decorations, and the list goes on. You've probably contemplated many different strategies for tightening your holiday budget - creative gift swaps, homemade gifts, re-using holiday outfits, not attending that party - but there's one strategy that can help you save without missing out: consignment shopping.

As the holiday season rapidly approaches, I'm becoming more and more aware of how old I feel. It has nothing to do with the birthday I just celebrated or the fact that I'm not in school anymore; instead, it has everything to do with my lack of excitement about receiving presents
Although temperatures lately have been mild, in just a few weeks it'll start feeling more like winter and we'll be forced to retreat indoors for entertainment. Luckily, there's a new attraction in the region that's sure to keep us occupied all winter long! Kingpin's Alley Family Fun Center in South Glens Falls recently opened its newly renovated game room, and man, does it look like fun!


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