What's New In Glens Falls
New local distillery, nestled right in the heart of the Adirondacks set to open its doors in early fall!
We all know Hump Day means the week is half-way over. What seemed like the-never-ending-week is finally over the horrendous hump of Monday and Tuesday, and FINALLY on to Wednesday. So what better way to celebrate than with a snack and a stroll? 
Huge Batman fan? Then look no further! This year is the 75th anniversary of the Batman, and there is no better way to show your appreciation than demonstrating your artwork in honor of Batman.

Grab your palettes, easels, and brushes to get your imagination juices flowing for the FIRST Annual Paint Out in Glens Falls

Taste buds are set to tingle at the thought of a new Mediterranean style restaurant called Morgan & Co. Two recent TV stars Rebecca Newell-Butters and her husband Stephen Butters are taking on Glens Falls with their new restaurant in town.

Their culinary talents landed them on center stage in cooking shows called "Chopped" and "Sweet Genius." Now they are sharing that talent with us!

Stored Technology Solutions Inc. (StoredTech), a large provider of IT managed services, just relocated their headquarters to 543 Queensbury Avenue! 

The new 10,000SF facility will serve as the company's corporate offices and will include StoredTech's equipment warehouse, staging, and test lab environments. 
As the Glens Falls Region kisses their hometown hockey team goodbye, a new one shows up to brighten their spirits!

As announced back in 2012, the Adirondack Phantoms, AHL hockey team who have played their home games in Glens Falls since 2009, are moving to Allentown, PA. But that doesn't mean area hockey fans have to say goodbye to the electricity of hometown hockey games.

According to theahl.com, National Hockey League's Calgary Flames from Abbotsford, British Columbia will be moving their home base here to the Civic Center, beginning their AHL franchise this fall in Glens Falls for the 2014-15 season.

Any suggestions for a new team name or logo for the Calgary Flames? Both are based on their former location.

Get the full scoop here, and tell us, will you adopt the Flames as your new favorite hockey team?

Remember that teacher in high school who would monotonously read their lecture to the class; never looking up, barely blinking, and only stopping to clear their throat? This particular teacher made a 45 minute class feel like an eternity.

Thankfully, there was also that teacher would make you look forward to their class. This teacher turned memorizing facts for a test into a game of Jeopardy and made learning the subject not only interesting but fun! Turning education into a lively and engaging activity makes a teacher's lesson effective as well as sparks the child's interest. 

The Chapman Museum, The Hyde Collection, and go! The World Awareness Children's Museum have done this and more; these local museums have collaborated with Head Start to create the "Preschool Passport Museum Program."

Who makes the best brownies? Is it you? Be honest! If people are constantly raving about your killer brownies, there might be a $1000 American Express gift card with your name on it.

wanted best brownies
The Double H Ranch is holding their second annual Digging Into Dessert Competition - A Brownie Bake Off (amateurs only!). Here's how it works:

The newest addition to Downtown Glens Falls' budding restaurant scene is SPoT Coffee Cafe, now open at 221 Glen Street. We happened to stop by today to try out this new breakfast and lunch spot (I guess that's where the name comes from). Check out the photos and menu below!

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