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A one hundred and twenty-eight photograph collection of significant American and international photographers has been gifted to The Hyde Collection by ABC's George Stephanopoulos. This transformational gift enhances the Hyde Museum's photography collection and adds a significant component to its world-class holdings of fine art.       


This has been an especially long winter, but while we wait for the seasons to change, we may as well celebrate some changes around the Glens Falls area. From big honors to relocations, there's a lot going on for Glens Falls institutions like Trampoline Design, the Hyde Museum, and Bullpen Tavern.
Yesterday, it was a beautiful day in Glens Falls. The sun was shining, the snow was melting, and it really felt like spring was finally coming. Now, it's a whiteout with slushy snow falling and an estimated 10 or more inches coming. We did our share of griping and groaning, and now we're ready to find 5 ways to celebrate the snow - or at least be distracted from it - rather than complain about it. Who's with us?
You don't have to go to Lake George or Saratoga to see a good live show. Kick back and relax to the soothing licks of jazzy guitars or party it out with the classics. Check out some upcoming live music events in Glens Falls.

Crandall Park is a peaceful, charming, and inviting place for so many reasons. As the seasons change, so do the reasons to visit the local park; there is always fun to be had whether it is in lush grasses or a snowy field. Of course we love this recreational hub because it is part of our home and close to our hearts, but we never thought this love would spread to people all over New York State! We were ecstatic to hear that Crandall Park was named the "Best Place to Skate in the Adirondacks" by New York States of Mind.
The Hyde Museum provides Glens Falls with a rich and invigorating resource for the arts. The Collection holds works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Picasso, Renoirs, Hassam; works that are in such high demand across the globe can be seen in this historic Renaissance mansion that is the Hyde. The Hyde's mission, envisioned by its founder Charlotte Hyde, has always been to give our community new opportunities and change lives through art.

This year, The Hyde is taking a new initiative to further their mission: every 2nd Sunday of the month, admission to The Hyde's exhibitions will be free.

hyde art

Competition is the spirit of the Northeast, and as the Winter Olympics continue, we couldn't help but think of all the great local competitions we enjoy all year long. We are home to some great sporting events and competitions, but some of our favorites are the very unusual, unconventional competitions this area has to offer. Here is a list of 5 fun and quirky area competitions throughout the year we love to enjoy.


You know that irrational fear people seem to have about robots taking over the world? Well, it's happening. Okay, they aren't "taking over the world" per say, but technology is slowly seeping into more and more parts of our daily lives. Some people argue that our increased dependence on technology is a bad thing; we are becoming less effective when communicating face-to-face and it enables us to trust in computers to solve our problems instead of using our good ol' fashioned brains.

However, the other half of this argument has some valid points itself: we can now do things that used to be literally impossible and can easily share these feats with the world! An example of this that hits close to home is the introduction of robotic/single site surgeries at Glens Falls Hopsital.

richard-duvall.jpgThough new author Richard Duvall grew up in Long Island and now resides in Greenwich, NY, he's always fostered a love and interest for China

After extensive travel through China in the eighties and nineties, Richard was inspired to write a techno-thriller novel about a Chinese-American conflict that could bring America to its knees. 
Open Door Mission has partnered with the Red Cross to start a "Code Blue" emergency cold weather housing shelter in Glens Falls.

The Open Door Christian ministry will be housing the homeless on nights that are forecast to go below 10 degrees or receive a foot of snow. 

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