What's New In Glens Falls
The group of people that purchased the Glens Falls Civic Center have been looking at ways to boost profits. Some ideas that have been discussed include keeping ice on the floor year-round to attract both youth and adult hockey leagues. However, the Civic Center would like to expand beyond sporting events. 

When the warmer weather rolls around, so does the ever-present coyote. While discovering one in your backyard or a nearby park can be alarming, it doesn't need to be. The DEC has put together a great list of tips to help you better understand coyote behavior and avoid any potential conflicts this spring and summer.

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Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day on April 22? We've rounded up several great Earth Day events taking place in the Glens Falls area that you can partake in! 

The parks of Hudson Falls are a great place to hang out with friends, let your children play or just enjoy the environment, and now, they're about to get even better! Great new additions to our parks are coming soon. The village of Hudson Falls has obtained a $36,000 grant from a Creating Healthy Places to Live and Work Grant via Glens Falls Hospital. Mayor John Barton has reported to the Post Star that he plans on using the money to make major improvements to all of the parks in Hudson Falls. 

Glens Falls is home to one of the best banks in the country! 

Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company has been designated as a 5-Star Superior bank by BauerFinancial, Inc., the nation's premiere bank research and rating firm. This is the bank's 32nd consecutive quarter receiving a 5-star rating. 

When spring finally rolls around to Glens Falls, coin drops can be seen scattered throughout the city. Coin drops are a quick and easy way for people to donate and for local organizations in the community to raise money. However, the familiar practice has recently come under fire as a safety hazard. 

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Two developers who have had major success in Saratoga Springs are looking to Glens Falls for their next project. According to the Albany Business Review, Rotterdam's Galesi Group and Saratoga Springs' Bonacio Construction Inc. want to construct a $27 million building at 14 Hudson Avenue, which would include 90 apartments, first-floor retail space, and second-floor offices.

Richard Vang is in the middle of a tight race to win his dream job as a photojournalist in Norway and you can help him come out on top! Vote for Richard online now, the 20 applicants with the most votes will move on to the interview round.

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The historic Merrill Magee Inn located in Warrensburg, NY will be receiving extensive renovations after sitting abandoned for three years. 

According to New York State Law, five licenses may be awarded throughout the state for businesses to grow and dispense medical marijuana, and one local business has positioned itself as a serious contender for one of them. Last week, Amy and Hillary Peckham presented their proposal for creation of a marijuana plant just south of Chestertown and received unanimous approval from the Warren County Board of Supervisors

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