Queensbury Union Free School District

The Queensbury Union Free School District is unique in several ways.

The most visible way is that all of the town's public schools, Queensbury Elementary, William H. Barton Intermediate School, Queensbury Middle School, and Queensbury High School,  reside on the same 200 acre campus.

The school district's establishment of goals also make it stand out. Its goal for students is to have educators "empower all students to be life-long learners, inspired to pursue their dreams and contribute to the global community."

The Queensbury School District hosts some of the largest school populations in Warren County. Despite the seemingly overwhelming size, schools manage to cater to their students.

Queensbury School DistrictThere is also strong support in programs like the arts and athletics. Queensbury puts on a full-scale musical production every year, has choir groups involving each grade, and its own select a capella group, the Madrigals.

There are modified, JV, and Varsity levels for boys, girls, and integrated in football, swimming, volleyball, field hockey, cross country, soccer, and tennis. Currently, two Queensbury alumni play professionally!

In the classroom, the district has been intent on incorporating technology into the class environment. This is an important move as the computer and internet have become increasingly important and children begin use at younger ages.

These philosophies, goals, and methods prove to be successful. Students within the district often scores above the New York State average on standardized tests.

Whether you are looking to move to the Queensbury area or if you are already here, the Queensbury School District is a check in the 'pro' column and another positive trait of Queensbury, NY.

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