Glens Falls History

Glens Falls is a City Rich in History!

Glens Falls HistoryGlens Falls NY was the site of many French-Indian and Revolutionary War Battles because of its halfway point between between Fort Edward in Fort Edward NY and Fort William Henry in Lake George NY. Orignally called "Chepontuc", a Mohawk word meaning 'hard place to get around', Glens Falls had a waterfall that blocked the Hudson River. In 1763 Abraham Wing formed a settlement called "Wing's Falls" but later lost the name of the town to Colonel Johannes Glen to settle a debt. Glen changed the name to Glen's Falls, and the apostrophe was eventually dropped.

In 1780, Glens Falls was destroyed in the "Great Burning" of 1780 when a British punitive expedition passed through the area. Glens Falls was rebuilt and came back stronger than ever!

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many renowned architects designed buildings in Glens Falls. Although three more fires posed serious threats, many unique buildings with storied histories survived and are still in use in the city today.

Glens Falls was incorporated as a city in 1908, separating it it from the Town of Queensbury. It celebrated its centennial in 2008 with many special events in Downtown Glens Falls.

Glens Falls prides itself on being named "Hometown USA," a title given to it by Look Magazine on account of its small-town feel and big city amenities.

1884 glens falls ny fire

Glens Falls' Great Fires

Glens Falls experienced significant fires in 1864, 1884, and 1902.

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glens falls city hall

Glens Falls Buildings

Glens Falls is home to many architectural gems that have withstood the test of time.

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civil war monument

Civil War Soldiers Monument

The monument at the intersection of Glen and Bay honors 644 Civil War soldiers from Queensbury.

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church of the messiah glens falls ny

Three Squares Historic District

A large portion of Glens Falls has architectural and historic significance.

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red wings logo

Professional Ice Hockey in Glens Falls

The Glens Falls Civic Center has been home to a number of pro hockey teams since 1979.

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