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Hey foodie friends! Another great weekend in Glens Falls under our belts. Hoping we won't need bigger belts after the feast we had last night. 

The rotisserie that I bought to compliment our new grill is working out great. This may be our new favorite way to cook large cuts of meat. 

This weekend was a beef sirloin tip roast! We did sides of tender, white, grilled asparagus with Dijon mustard vinaigrette, roasted baby potatoes and an easy Italian marinated tomato/tuna summer salad over mixed greens!
healthy-potato-salad.jpgHi there foodie friends! This week we went on a quest to find a healthier potato salad recipe. Gus found a video Bobby Flay from the Food Network had posted and it looked really amazing, so we decided to try it. 

Fresh herbs from the garden, organic honey from Uncle Pat's Farm, fresh veggies and a little feta cheese and we were good to go!
cowboy-caviar.jpgThe big day is almost here and your list of indulgent Super Bowl Sunday recipes is growing. How about this one from Valleri James? It's healthy, gluten free and flavorful! 

It will be nice to offer a few healthy choices on Super Bowl Sunday! I love that the beans and avocado make it a real stick to your ribs snack! Try this one and let us know what you think. 

Thanks for sharing Valleri! Enjoy your Super Sunday party!
jules-pasta.jpgHey foodie friends! This one has me so excited! My friend Jules inboxed me asking for a no mayo pasta salad recipe. This is the first one that came to mind. I sent her the recipe and she made it and sent me photos! How perfect is that? 

I am so excited to take this blog in a more interactive direction in 2013! Feel free to ask for recipes, share yours or just leave a note to say hello. Happy New Year to all of our fans. You guys ROCK!

asparagus-artichoke-salad.gifThis is a great & refreshing salad that I found online and just had to try it! I was just speaking to someone today about posting more gluten-free recipes and this one popped into mind. I added a little fresh mozzerella to mine and it was delicious! It's an impressive looking and easy to make dish that can be served as an appetizer, salad or even as the vegetable course for your main dish! Enjoy!

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