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Hey Everyone! Bread pudding is a favorite of mine. It's so tasty and carbs are my favorite food, so naturally, I'm a fan of anything with bread. I made a pumpkin bread pudding with dulche de leche over Thanksgiving and it was to die for! 
holiday-table.jpgHey foodie friends! I was getting started on some tips for planning a holiday menu when it occurred to me. The amazing editors at have put together a great holiday guide with tips on everything from gift buying to yes, tips for festive holiday foods & holiday menu planning

This is a great resource for getting started with holiday planning. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I decided to share it with you. 

The holiday guide offers recipes for cranberry - orange nut breadstuffed mushroomsgreen bean casseroleclassic sugar cookies & lots of great tips!
There is finally a great Thai restaurant in Glens Falls! Have you heard about it? The place is called Aroydee and is located right on Ridge St. I am beyond thrilled to find this little gem, because if you know me, you know that I just loooove Thai food! The scents, the spices, ooh I could eat it every day. :)

Last week my sister and I went to check it out, and were pleasantly surprised. The food was authentic, delicious and just all around amazing. Here is what we ordered:

California Sushi Roll

Thanksgiving: Family, Friends & Food! My Favorites!

Happy Thanksgiving foodie friends! My turkey coma has about warn off. It was a wonderful day! It was great to spend the day with my husband Gus, good friends & family! 

Thanks fellow blogger Amberly for sharing the day with us! It was fun to relax, laugh & pig out!

I see a couple of days of leftover action coming. Does anyone have any creative suggestions? What do you make with your Thanksgiving leftovers? 


stuffing.jpgThe Thanksgiving sides are prepped & ready to simmer while the turkey cooks tomorrow! 

I don't recommend waiting until the morning to start prepping & cooking Thanksgiving dinner. We chop veggies & herbs days before. 
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for shrimp-scampi.jpgThanks again for the inspiration Cris! I did mine with oven roasted tomatoes, rather than roasted peppers and was pretty happy with the result.

This is such a quick meal to make and it is just so good!

I like this best with extra large shrimp. I get the ones that are already deveined, but with the shells still on. 
crissy-d.jpgHey there my foodie friends! I think it's quite clear that I'm establishing a pattern with this pasta kick I've been on, but I'm not quite ready to stop yet. Actually, after seeing this photo of one of my favorite pasta recipes, I'm right on track for another pasta cooking weekend. 

Glens Falls Gourmet's friend Cris DiCaprio was kind enough to share this great photo of her shrimp and pasta dinner. So yes, now I want shrimp and pasta this weekend!

Thanks for sharing Cris! You've inspired me to whip up one of my favorite pasta recipes this weekend!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for plated-spag-meatballs.jpgHappy Friday foodie friends! This week I'm excited to share a recipe for meatballs that I'm quite happy with. I took a concept I saw for a burger on a cooking show and decided to turn it into a recipe for meatballs. It's a great way to incorporate some veggies into the classic spaghetti & meatballs recipe! I cooked it, ate it and really enjoyed it, so I'm excited to share it. 

The meatballs came out flavorful, juicy & tender. Making the meatballs bite sized made the dish easier to eat and enjoy with the pasta. This is a meal you can put together in a reasonable amount of time and it's yummy. 
clams-plated.jpgWhen I went to the market today, I was all about coming up with a new shrimp with pasta recipe. That quickly changed when I got to the seafood market to find little neck clams on sale for $5.99 a dozen. 

One of my favorite seafood pasta recipes is one of my favorite recipes for clams as well. The decision was easy. Linguini with white clam sauce is what was for dinner tonight.

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