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When is it Ok to Switch Teams?

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Does your favorite team stink? Have they stunk for a really long time? Tired of never knowing the thrill of having your team win a championship? Perhaps you've considered crossing over to a different team. You know it's wrong but in the back of your mind you sometimes fantasize about how great it would be to root for a winner. Perhaps there's something else that's causing you to consider this drastic change in loyalty. If this is the case, I would like to now list 10 possible reasons to consider switching teams. I've also taken the liberty
of giving feedback on each reason to include, in my opinion, if each reason is valid or not.

10 Potential Reasons for Switching Team Loyalty
1: Your current favorite team moves away to another city. Unacceptable to switch. If at all possible, you should move as well.

2: An expansion team or existing team relocates to a city that is closer to you. Unacceptable to switch. Follow same instructions as #1.

3: Your team ceases to exist (goes defunct). Acceptable to switch providing your support goes to any new team that might be eventually introduced to your region.Until then you should spend time in a dark basement watching old game tapes.
4:You have two teams in your area and just feel like a change. I won't dignify with an answer.
5: A minor league franchise moves to your area and you root for the success of the guys you rooted for in the minors. Unacceptable to switch. Root for the players but not the team.

6:You are fourteen years old or younger. Acceptable to switch. Once you've reached 15,you've had enough time to figure it out.

7: You move to a city that is closer to another team other than your old team.Unacceptable to switch. That's what TVs are for.

8: You're fortunate enough to work for a sports team but they're not your favorite. Unacceptable to switch. Just keep it to yourself around the office. Always remember where your bread is buttered.

9: Ownership is horrible. They continuously put a losing team on the field and year after year make poor decisions, causing nothing but heartache for their fanbase. Unacceptable to switch. Best bet is to try to outlive the owner.

10: Your favorite player goes to another team.Unacceptable to switch.You can continue to follow and root for the player, but not their new team.


So there you have it. You could, of course, ignore these suggestions and do whatever you want. Just be prepared for the occasional ribbing form other fans who have stayed loyal and endured all of the pain that sometimes comes along with following a rotten team.

Sports is human life in microcosm.  ~Howard Cosell



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