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use it or lose it

today is a yucky day, chilly and dreary with possibility of rain.  however, it is sunday and i always try to have people come for dinner on sunday  (friday and saturday, also, if i'm lucky).  i am so retired, but i can't stop cooking.  can't possibly (actually, i could) eat all that i cook or think about cooking, hence, the invitees.  today i found a two pound bag of tiny, slightly frosty scallops way down in the freezer.  hmmmm.  so i thought, gotta use real bold flavors to hide the taste of freezer.  not a real delicious flavor.  went to and found a recipe with fresh ginger and sherry and cream.  now if those three ingredients can't do it, ain't nothing going to disguise the very slight freezer taste.  i know the scallops are still fine because i cooked a couple in some butter before i got to excited and wasted any time.  i have not prepared the dish yet, but i know it will be super because the amount of garlic to be added will put those scallops into their own heaven.  here's the recipe.

1/3 piece ginger root
2/3 c sherry
3 sticks butter
7 large cloves garlic, chopped
2 pounds scallops
2 cups light cream

soak ginger in sherry for 2 hours.  melt butter and saute garlic in a skillet.  add scallops and ginger sherry mixture. (i plan to leave ginger in pan til i add the cream).  cook scallops for 5 minutes.  remove from pan and add cream.  reduce by 1/3-1/2.  add scallops back to pan.  simmer for 4 minutes.  serve with fresh chopped parsley on rice or in a soup plate.  

my hope is that this dish will prove to me that garlic covers everything, especially freezer "flavor".  sherry and ginger will also get a star rating.  this dish will easily serve 4 people.  i plan to make a green salad also.

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as the former owner of Samantha's Cafe & Catering, carole loves to eat. she grew up on a farm in northern ny, where at a given time of year, there was fresh meat for the freezer. often, on a sunday, a chicken made its way into the "pot". there was unpasteurized milk, cream for homemade ice cream and sulfur water from the well. life was as good as it gets. after college at potsdam, she made her way to glens falls. in 1986, with her husband's help, she started her business named after her daughter the focus was originally on homemade soups, breads from scratch, customer service and having a great time. still, there is the same focus, but now we factor in "green", and local products. good, healthy food can always be found at samantha's. we hope you love to eat, too!