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Stressed Out About Getting Pregnant?


For so many women around the world, getting pregnant seems like an impossible task.  Conceiving can be a long, frustrating struggle for aspiring mothers, often causing anxiety    and stress.  However, new research published in New York Times by the Journal of Fertility and Sterility has  found that simply reducing your stress levels can improve your chances of getting pregnant.  The study followed 274 healthy women who had just started trying to conceive.  Researchers tracked the women's stress levels by taking weekly saliva samples, testing for the stress hormone cortisol.  Results of the study indicated that women with the highest concentrations of stress hormones were 12 percent less likely to become pregnant each month. 

This study supports a larger body of research examining the role of stress on the reproductive system.  It shows once again that there are natural solutions to increasing your fertility and getting pregnant. IVF doesn't have to be the way.  Before you go down the fertility treatment path, consider holistic options, starting with stress reduction techniques like yoga and meditation.  Trying to get pregnant can be stressful, but there are many natural ways to decrease this stress, increase fertility, and enhance your chances of finally getting pregnant!

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Lisa Cartier

Lisa is a Birth and Natural Fertility Coach, Monitrice/Birth Doula and a Reiki Master. She helps women connect with their inner resources to discover their true beliefs about themselves, their relationships and their abilities to birth and parent their children. As a childbirth educator, certified lactation counselor and a certified doula, she believes the journey into motherhood is a rite of passage and life-changing. This passage should be honored and celebrated. Using many diverse complimentary therapies, her practice empowers wellness in mind, body and spirit.