Haviland Cove

Glens Falls , NY 12801
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Haviland Cove Park & Beach is a beautiful destination in Warren County, NY. Centrally located off of Exit 18 in Glens Falls.

Located right along the Hudson River, Haviland Beach is a great place for water activities such as swimming, boating, kayaking, or fishing. Camping is a popular activity in this Glens Falls park because of its excellent amenities.

The campgrounds are close to picnic areas, pavilions, walking trails, playground for kids, and next to the Haviland Cove Beach with a beach house available, as well. 

Location: Off of Bush Street in Glens Falls, NY

Cost: Free

Activities: Fishing, swimming, boating, walking, camping Amenities: Public beach, pavilions, campgrounds, picnic tables, playgrounds, beach house, restrooms (summer). The park also connects with the Feeder Canal Trail.

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from Glens Falls, NY wrote on
The beach is a beautiful spot on the river but it is not taken care of properly. The beach needs a good raking, and the beach itself is slowly losing ground to the grasses that is making the beach smaller and smaller. If Glens Falls doesn't do something pretty soon there won't be a beach. Bring in more sand. Also, the parking lot is full of broken glass. Instead of having the lifeguards play cards all day they should be raking the beach down in the morning and cleaning up the parking lot. The bathrooms should be cleaned twice a day too. Every other municipality makes that part of the lifeguards job. They are not allowed to sit around and sunbathe all day without doing any work. There also has to be more signs for people to clean up after themselves. Twice while there I saw a dirty diaper left on the beach and a used woman's tampon. That is truly disgusting and unacceptable behavior from the public. Finally, the last two times I was there the beach was close (no lifeguards) with a chain across the entrance though people went around that to get to the beach. Once was on Father's Day this year and a cop kept showing up to tell everyone to keep out of the water. On a big holiday like that it is unacceptable for the beach to be closed. There was nothing on line or on the Glens Falls website either informing the public that the beach would be closed. That is unacceptable too. We pay enough in taxes where things like this shouldn't occur. This location is a gem but unless someone takes charge it will just get worse and worse.
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from Glens Falls, NY wrote on
The location on the map and the street view shown here are both incorrect . Haviland's Cove is located at the end of Bush Street in Glens Falls. It is accessible via a small bridge that crosses over the Feeder Canal.
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