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(518) 792-6575

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Glens Falls Animal Hospital

(518) 792-6575
66 Glenwood Avenue
Queensbury , NY 12804
3.25 of 5 Stars Based on 13 Reviews 
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Recently renovated to accomodate an ever-expanding clientele of furry and feathered friends, family-owned Glens Falls Animal Hospital is well-equipped to handle your pets needs.

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from Queensbury, NY wrote on
Very glad to see people are finally opening their eyes to the lack of compassion that is shown by the staff of this facility. After 20 plus years of taking my dogs to this facility, I pulled the records of 2 animals and switched vets on the spot. This was a few years ago now and I couldn't be happier. The straw was their refusal to see my dog who was unable to walk on an emergency basis. The staff actually told me they were booked and I'd have to wait another day. I don't think so
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wrote on
Heartbreak = Healthy, friendly, even previously-owned & vetted "stray" cats being KILLED at GF animal "hospital"! (SAME cats have been requested by local rescues for adoption!!!) If public & GF animal "hospital" clients knew what went on "behind the scenes", any with a conscience would boycott this practice! IF a cat is fortunate enough to leave this place alive, he/she is grossly mal-nourished! Little or NO veterinary care is given even if ill or pregnant! As a result, many newborn kittens die & the life of the mother is in jeopardy!
How can veterinarians with apparently initial intentions of helping animals choose to KILL healthy cats simply because they were homeless at the time they were brought in--especially when there are other viable options?! What happened to their OATH to help animals? (Someone has to administer the "death needle" to these healthy cats AND kittens... someone, apparently, without a conscience!)
Note to the people who try to help by bringing stray cats to this practice: You may well be bringing them to their DEATH! Ask to see the secret "back room"! Ask what happens to these healthy cats after 5 days? Ask to see the mark in their ear that indicates when they are to be KILLED! Ask how much money GF animal "hospital" receives "per head" when cats are brought in! Why is it that the SPCA, who has a contract with Warren County to take in strays, currently has NO cats available for adoption & is sending prospective adopters to GF animal "hospital" for cats to adopt...yet GF animal "hospital" is KILLING cats that could have had good homes? Is it because these cats do not contribute to the wealth of this practice while they are alive?! According to this writer's very credible sources, a stray cat is brought in by a well-meaning person or Animal Control; GF animal "hospital" is paid by the County/SPCA contract "per head". GF animal "hospital" then KILLS this heathy cat after 5 days... making room for another...& cremates this cat in THEIR crematory--again, being paid by the County. Therefore, KILLING healthy cats seems to be a very lucrative source of income for this practice! How is this ethical? How is this not animal abuse--animal abuse that should be punished, not paid for by tax dollars?! Should not those directing this practice of KILLING these healthy animals be arrested, charged & punished to the fullest extent of the law--NOT rewarded for their inhumane actions?! ASK the above questions of the vets/staff of GF animal "hospital"! You might be shocked & appalled by the answers! Then...what will you do to stop this atrocity?! What if this were YOUR cat?
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from Glens Fall, NY wrote on
I have no problem with Glens Falls Animal Hospital. They have always been courteous and caring and try their best to get me in when its a last minute thing. All the vets are great, but I am especially fond of the female dr. If I had to find a problem it is the front desk is always busy at check out. Seems you have to wait about 10 minutes when you are finished to pay!
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from thurman, ny wrote on
Emergency last night at 10, Dr. Bob told me to come right in with my cat. Been going to GFAH for 20 yrs. and never a bad experience. Got right on the phone with me the next morning to let me know how he was. Very typical. All the Dr.s and all the staff are always wonderful to my animals and me!! I always highly recommend to new people to the area about GF animal hospital
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from Bolton Landing, NY wrote on
Senior Dr, Oconner. Very rude, did not even say hello to me. Had information from front desk, never asked a question about my DOG. While she was on the exam. table I asked him to weight her,he looked put out by this request. He then replyed with the weight and walked out of the room. Front desk people very nice.
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